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My Brahmo Samaj Roots - by Garbo Garnham - great grand daughter of Keshub Chandra Sen

Garbo Garnham - the great grand-daughter of Keshub Chunder Sen, writes about her Brahmo roots and the experiences of being born and reared in the UK.
A Time for Prayer - by Rev. Andrew James Brown.

Revd Andrew James Brown, Minister of the Unitarian Church Cambridge streses the need for prayer in the aftermath of London bombings on 7/7.
Are we headed towards extinction? - by Ashish Basu of Mumbai.

Ashish Basu does some serious introspection on the eve of Maghhotsava.
Message for the Bhadrotsav - by Manju Chowdhury, London

Manju Chowdhury looks why Brahmoism is more acceptable in cross cultural ties in the West.
Message for the Maghotsav 2005 - by Ashish Basu of Mumbai.

Ashish Basu speaks out for spreading the Brahmo Message on the occassion of the Maghhotsava.
Songs of Rabindranath - by Arnold A. Blake

Arnold Blake analyses the songs of Rabindranath in his book "Chansons de Rabindranath Tagore"
Rammohun Roy and "The Day-Star of Approaching Morn" - by Phillip Medhurst

Mr. Medhurst is now Head of Religious Studies and Lay Chaplain in an independent secondary school in Worcestershire.
Rammohun Roy, the path maker and luminous star in out hour of decadence - by Rabindranath Tagore

This address was delivered by Rabindranath Tagore as President of the Preliminary Meeting of the Rammohun Roy Centenary held at the Senate House, Calcutta, on 18 February 1933.
Speech before the Unitarian Association, London - by Rammohun Roy

This address was delivered by Rammohun Roy to the Unitarian Association, London and is taken from the Last days in England of Raja Rammohun Roy by Miss Carpenter.